In the Kitchen: Retro Modern Smeg

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sometime in the not too distant future, when I am rich (but not famous), I will have a smeg refrigerator in my dream kitchen.  There's just something about those retro lines and glossy finish that's unassuming while demanding the attention good design is due.  
I picture myself hosting understated soirees, preparing delectable appetizers for guests enjoying wine and my cheerful disposition in my eat-in kitchen, fetching fresh ingredients from my glorious smeg.
They can be punchy and fun in a modern playful kitchen.
Or contribute to an eclectic, collected vibe.
Playing with vintage and modern.
My college dorm room would have been way cooler with this mini fridge.
And they're still keeping up with modern times, having the freezer down low and fridge up high.
*This post was not sponsored by smeg, but if you are smeg and you are reading this, you can send a check my way.


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