Roundup: Coffee Tables Under $400

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coffee tables have become somewhat of a given in living room design.  I mean, lets be honest - I know 90% of you aren't chowing down at your dining room table, but instead hunched over your coffee table having dinner and binge watching the latest TV craze (Scandal, anyone?).  Admit it.  You know it's true.  That being said, there's no reason why you can't get creative with it - doubling up and decorating in pairs, or using giant poufs with a tray on top instead of traditional tables.  I myself have a lovely vintage Indonesian coffee table with hand carvings in the wood.  I thought I'd round up some great, affordable coffee tables for you, all under $400.
1. Room & Board Slim Cocktail Table $379: Double the surface area to keep all your books and magazines in check.  This table also comes in a range of colors for a nice pop.
2. West Elm Origami Coffee Table $399: Sculptural and small scale, you could pair two of these together for an impact.
3. CB2 Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table $279: Great for small spaces, this table disappears from view.
4. Fab Roo Round Coffee Table $199: Rich wood tones in a round shape.
5. Organic Modernism Manila Marble Table $365: I'm not sure where else you could find marble for this price.
6. Magical Thinking Diamond Coffee Table $229: Another one that takes up minimal visual space - great for small spaces with a quirky fun base.
7. World Market Lawrence Coffee Table $399: I love the combination of open and closed storage - hide all your unsightly necessities like remotes in the drawers.
8. Ikea PS 2012 $49.99: It doesn't get any more affordable for this, a great way to bring in the industrial feel while keeping it light in a nice shiny white.
9. Blu Dot Scamp Large Table $349: Great materials (copper and smoked glass) give this a modern feel.

What kind of coffee table do you have at home?


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