Summer Style Cravings: Home Edition

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Stunning Beach House via The Style Files
There's something so relaxing about a beach house and coastal decor.  I think it's also the fact that most beach houses are second homes, so the decor is usually minimal and sans clutter.
Brazil Beach House via The Style Files
I love the idea of creating a relaxed getaway second home vibe in your first (and only, for me) home.
A Beautiful Home in the Tropics via The Style Files
The changing seasons are a perfect excuse to update your decor and spruce up your pad.  You may have caught my fashion edition of summer style cravings, and now I bring to you the home edition.
1. Leif Patterned Pinwheel Serving Tray - For all those summer soirees, impress your guests by serving dark and stormy's on this cute tray.

2. CB2 Bodhi Planter - Plants are a great way to bring in nature, and they purify the air as well.  Plant some in this summery gold fish planter for a beachy feel.

3. Max Wanger Tulum Print - And this is why I want to go to Mexico.  A beach print is great year round and brings in a fresh splash of soothing blues.

4. Target Threshold Pouf - Poufs are a great house accessory that don't require a whole room redo.  This jute pouf has multiple functions - ottoman, stool, or even a table by adding a tray on top.

5. Leif Painted Diamond Pillow Cover - Pillows are also a great way to spruce up your decor - I change mine up every few months depending on my mood.  I love this watercolor ikat with bright happy colors.

6. Nate Berkus for Target Stamped Vase - Just like plants, flowers are also a great way to brighten things up without breaking the bank.  Take advantage of peony season with this clean neutral vase.

7. West Elm Terracotta Pots - More planters.  Because you can't have too many plants.

8. Zara Baskets - White washed with a wood accent, these are great to store your magazines, blankets, etc.

9. Moorea Seal Alpamayo Rug - I absolutely love these frasadas, they're durable and can double as throw blankets.

10. Chairish Vintage Rattan Chair - Nothing says summer like rattan.  If you already read my rattan post, then you know that I could kill for a rattan chair in my apartment.  Nay, rattan everything!  Rattan is always fabulous and I simply can't get enough of it.

11. Denim Diamond Rug - I love this easy denim rug with a coastal vibe.

12. CB2 String Lights - Summer = string lights.  Don't be afraid to use them inside too - artfully draped over a mirror or hung along a window.

13. Zara Hammered Metal Stool - A great small-scale update - this hammered metal stool has a great shape and the reflective surface will reflect light, helping to make any space brighter and larger.

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