Utilitarian Kitchen Essentials

Monday, May 19, 2014

I cook pretty much every night of the week, sometimes elaborate meals like homemade pasta, and other nights a simple kale salad.  For that I deserve many things, including chic utilitarian kitchen tools to make me happy when I'm jamming out to Bruce Springsteen, sipping wine, and being an overall #girlboss in the kitchen.
1. Target Threshold Cookbook Stand - this thing has changed my life and conveniently holds not only cookbooks but my ipad also.  The best part about it is the price, which is basically free.
 2. Bento Box - I feel like this is pretty enough to make me excited to make a lunch to bring to work, which is saying something because we all know what a battle that is.
3. Marble AND wood boards - yes please.  I mean, if I'm not preparing appetizers to serve on these for my future (cool) book club dinner parties I wouldn't expect you to come.
4. Glass Bottle Carafe - Just modern and fun.
5. Japanese Copper/Tin Grater - Everyone knows copper is a luxurious essential in the kitchen.
6. Kate Spade Saturday glassware - This squiggily windowpane pattern just makes me happy.
7.  Mint Enamel/Wood Canister - Keep all your spices, teas, coffee beans, etc. stylishly stored.
8. French Press - Only updated and way more chic.
9. Enamel Plates - The ultimate in utilitarian kitchen essentials.

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