Well-Designed Bathroom Essentials

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's face it.  When it comes to the bathroom, we don't often think about design.  It comes down to the essentials, and most of you probably think a toilet plunger is a toilet plunger.  But there's where you're so wrong.  Maybe this is where you say I'm crazy and that all toilet plungers are created equal, but hopefully you're intrigued, and have realized that you, too, want to fulfill your wildest bathroom design dreams with a beautifully designed toilet plunger.

If you caught my inspiring spaces post, you'll know that lately I've been drawn to clean and simple design, and this translates to the bathroom as well.  Because what other aesthetic would you want to go for in the bathroom if not clean?
While you may not be able to pick out tiling or a gorgeous vintage claw foot tub, you can make the most of your space with these decor and organizing solutions:
1. bath mat: This diamond pattern is neutral but exciting.
2. plunger: As promised, a beautifully designed plunger, and (bonus!) toilet brush for those of us who just can't stand to look at unsightly things.
3. marvis toothpaste: Maybe not practical to buy $6 toothpaste, but great for guests and show.
4. wire baskets: Perfect for storing extra shampoo bottles, toilet paper, towels, etc.
5. ikea cabinet : I love the old school design of this cabinet - it's perfect for storing towels, perfumes, etc. in your bathroom.
6. stop the water hand soap: Playful graphics are easy on the eyes, and remind us to be environmentally conscious with our water use.
7. wood toothbrushes : These are great for guests.
8. whitewash hamper: It may go without saying, but keeping a hamper in the bathroom ensures no dirty clothes on the floor.  This simple whitewashed basket weave is unobtrusive and functional.
9. glass canister: Store things like cotton balls, nail polishes, etc. in these clear canisters so items are easy to locate.
10. towels: White towels always project an air of sophistication and cleanliness, and the texture of these add intrigue.  If you're worried about white towels, you can always bleach them, or go for a subtle light grey.  I love these Nate Berkus for Target towels - they're soft, inexpensive, and dry quickly.
11. teak trays: I use these in the bathroom to coral all my various vessels that hold makeup brushes, q-tips, and every day items I need access to like face moisturizer, floss, etc.

If you're looking for more creative solutions, check out this article to upgrade your bath, and this one for organizing tips.


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