Inspiring Spaces: Stacy London's Brooklyn Apartment

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I simply had to share this gorgeous tour of Stacy London's apartment featured here on Refinery29.  I'm crushing hard on her 'Modern Minimal Edgy' style (why yes, I, Megan Martinez, am an interior decor guru that can coin one-off terms like Modern Minimal Edgy [MME], much like what Stacy London is to fashion) and love how simplistic she is with her decor.  Her pieces and design are like the popular girl in high school who only surrounded herself with a few other popular girls that all had different color hair and looks but dressed in similar styles so that each one stood out but you could totally tell they were part of the same group.  Each piece she has is totally beautiful and the minimal aspect of the decor gives them enough room to breathe so that each can shine without your eye being overwhelmed.  Hope you enjoy her space as much as I do!


  1. There are many beautiful interior designs nowadays that are not difficult to create which means the materials needed are minimal to encourage simplicity. Many homeowners are going for the change instead of complex designs which may look or feel too daunting especially those families with bulky furniture like storage cabinets and so on.

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