Office Tour

Thursday, June 4, 2015

If you know, you know they are all about making super fun stationary, tech, fashion accessories, and all around kitchy giftables.  Designed by Emily Henderson, their office tour featured on Refinery 29 is everything that you'd expect: resplendent with lots of pink, a disco ball wall, confetti everywhere, and all around #girlboss magic.  Check out some of the magic below!  All photos via Refinery29.

The June Edit: Must Haves for Summer

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The want list never ends.  While it's still just starting to warm up in LA, I've got summer and beachy vacations on the brain.  Check out more fashion posts here.  These are all the beautiful things I'm gunning for this month:

01. Madewell Indio sunglasses: These shades are affordable with a fun vintage vibe.
02. Mary Sia Antibies bikini: I've been dying for a Mary Sia suit - they're so interesting and have the cutest trims.  It's not often that you can call a bikini unique!
03. Dolce Vita Veya sandal: I'll be scooping up a pair of these with my summer travel plans in mind; being on your feet all day requires a comfortable sandal, and these are chic enough to transition from day to night for almost any occasion.
04. Laut marble iphone case: When you can't afford the real thing, just get a phone case in it.
05. Rebecca Minkoff Lena dress: The banana/palm leaf trend is still in, and this dress will take you from the beach to dinner in style.
06. Sara Happ the lip scrub: This is a miracle and I can't believe it took me so long to buy it.  It exfoliates your lips so that you can slick on lipstick - matte or gloss, nice and smooth.
07. Madewell Crescioni cuff bracelet: Being able to put leather and brass on my body at the same time in a classy way is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.
08. Maison Louis Marie No 09 perfume: This company makes one of my very favorite candles, and I was so excited when they came out with a perfume in this scent!  It's also a perfume oil, so the scent is more concentrated and lasts longer.
09. Etsy Hokoda scarf: These scarves are hand blocked in great patterns.  I tend to dress in basics and rely on fun accessories to spice things up.
10. agenda: This is the most fun you'll ever have planning your life and work.  They also have a large size for those of you with some serious planning to do!
11. Anine Bing cropped suede jacket: Not cheap by any standards, but one of the most beautiful suede motorcycle jackets I've ever seen.  The details are so perfect, the ribbing, belt, zippers and snaps, and I love that it's cropped; perfect for LA weather!
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