A Multi-Purpose Guest Room

Monday, November 9, 2015

I know what you're thinking.  A guest room?  You're all, Megan, I know you're ambitious, but you can't Diagon Alley yourself an extra bedroom.  Don't worry, Harry Potter didn't magically become real overnight, and you weren't left to live as a muggle while all your friends became wizards and witches.  I'll tell you what did happen though; we moved!

We've been talking about leaving our small 1 bedroom apartment for a long time, but it took about a zillion years to find something awesome.  After 8,000 years of searching, we found a great little two bedroom beach bungalow in Santa Monica.  The house was built in the '30's, and has great and weird charm to it that we fell in love with.  It's got quirky built-ins, bright light, a formal dining room, pretty archways, oddly placed octagonal stained glass windows, a vintage stove, a hideously tiled backsplash, a bay window, and a charming little back yard with bougainvilleas, and not one, but TWO lemon trees.  One regular, and one meyer.  And you know I'm completely thrilled by it.

More to come on the house and decorating it soon.  For now, we are focusing on the guest bedroom.  We had a wee moving mishap and couldn't get our sofa in the door due to crazy turns, narrow doorways, and too short ceilings (our sofa was 8' long).  The only door we could get it into was to the guest bedroom, and it was just too big in there.  So alas, we had to sell it.

Now, we don't have people visit constantly, but when we do we want our friends and family to have a space for themselves and to feel at home.  But, we also want to keep the tv out of the formal living room, and to actually use the extra room.  So we decided to make the space both a guest room and a tv room.  How exactly do you do that you ask?  Well, to make it functional for us (movie watching), and for guests (sleeping), there is this magical thing called the daybed which combines a sofa and bed all in one.
clockwise, l to r: house beautiful // sf girl by bay // apartment therapy //  the joye //
amber interiors // apartment therapy // lonny // the style files //
I'm going for a relaxed, happy, comfortable space.  It's a small room so I don't want too much going on in there.  I'd like to find a simple day bed, storage is a plus, and something that's ultra comfy for sleeping and lounging.

Stay tuned as I narrow down options!

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