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Monday, March 14, 2016

Every now and again, I need a little inspiration to spark some ideas while decorating at home.

via SF Girl by Bay

The simplicity in this bedroom is exactly what I'm striving for right now at home.  While there's not a lot going on in this room, the textiles in this room add warmth and depth with layered rugs, a linen duvet, and a crochet planter.  The soft pink hues warm up an otherwise neutral space without having too much color in the room.

via Style by Emily Henderson

I'm always hesitant to bring black into a space, but it's balanced so well here with large bright windows and doors.  The space feels eclectic and funky with hits of color - deep magenta, navy, and caramel leather.  And how amazing is that vintage mid century fireplace?!  I'm ready to move in.

via My Domaine

The crazy side of me is totally into this space.  There are so many great elements, with layered textiles, bold artwork, vintage pieces, and an overall eclectic vibe.  I'm constantly striving to balance my love of things with my love of serenity and simplicity.

via A House in the Hills

And then I'm back to simplicity with this amazing space...a huge impactful yet serene print, paired with layered textiles and a modern bench.

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