Interior Inspiration: Mantle Styling

Monday, March 21, 2016

Since moving into the new house, I've been thrilled that we finally have a serious architectural detail that has been a huge void in my life up until now: a mantle.  Our fireplace is bricked over and doesn't work, but I'm so happy to finally have a gorgeous surface upon which to put my things!  Here are some shots that are inspiring me right now, and even if you don't have a mantle, these looks could easily spice up a credenza or dresser.

via Dwell

via Mer Mag

via The Design Files

via Digs Digs 

via Lonny

via The New York Times

via Styled by Emily Henderson

via Viciously Cyd

via SF Girl by Bay (Nicole Franzen)

via Dust Jacket

via Rue Mag
 Which looks are your favorite?  For more interior inspiration, check out these posts.

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