Pendant Lighting Round Up

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rentals are tough to decorate in.  Without owning your own space, you don't want to make adjustments that you may not be able to take with you to your next home.  While you may not be able to renovate your kitchen, one option you do have is changing out your lighting which can make a huge impact.  I've been living with a terrible chandelier in my dining room for far too long and let me just say, it is ruining all of my dining room Instagram pictures.  Here's a round up of some lighting options I'm loving right now:

01.  Washi paper diamond pendant: I've recently come to realize that I am very drawn to the zen look and I think it give my more eclectic style a very nice minimal, clean contrast.  I actually decided to go with this pendant light for our bedroom.
02. Futagami brass pendant: Beautiful in brass, this would make a great statement.
03. Token pink geo pendant: This glass geometric pendant is pricey but so beautiful.
04. Schoolhouse Electric city chandelier: I have a lot of blue accents, and I love the idea of a pop of yellow to contrast.
05. CB2 vega lamp: This sculptural fixture with gold accents is stunning and affordable too.
06. Dot & Bo centurian pendant: Boho texture with a modern shape is the perfect mix of boho and zen.
07. Lost & Found kyris blue lamp: I love the look of paper lanterns, and this hand printed one has such a unique and beautiful shape and pattern.
08. Industry West flat iron lamp: I have been waiting for a great Lindsey Adelman style chandelier that is more affordable, and here it is! I love the drama of the branches in this fixture.
09. Lucent Lightshop square orb chandelier: There seems to be a wonderful trend with orbs and brass light fixtures, and this one has great lines with a modern feel.
10. Nelson saucer pendant: You've all seen this stunner pendant before, and there's a reason it's been cropping up in households since the 60's - mid century modern pieces have serious longevity and an iconic look and feel.

Which one is your favorite?  If you're craving more interior posts, check out these.
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