New Arrivals at Madewell

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Have you guys seen the latest at Madewell yet?  I'm loving all the summer trends this season: stripes, embroidery, gingham, chambray, ruffles, tassles...I can't wait to stock up my wardrobe with the latest for summer.  I'm dying for more gingham and embroidery in my closet!  Here are some of my favorites from Madewell's new arrivals.  See anything you like?

Madewell Rio dress
chanbray ruffle dress

JM Drygoods embroidered san vicente top
jm drygoods embroidered top

Ace&jig adriatic dress
ace&jig adriatic dress

Madewell flea market flare jeans
flare jeans

Madewell embroidered eyelet dress
embroidered eyelet dress

Madewell striped dress
striped dress

Madewell scarf
tassle scarf

Madewell la paloma dress
embroidered dress

Madewell striped t-shirt
striped shirt

Madewell embroidered dress
embroidered dress

Madewell pull on scallop shorts
scalloped shorts

Madewell silk island skirt
silk skirt

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