Boho Beach Bungalow: Dining Room Reveal

Monday, October 10, 2016

I'm really excited to share a tour of my dining room today.  A while back, Glitter Guide approached me about a home tour and interview of the boho beach bungalow, shot by the very talented Carley Rudd.  I've also shared my home tour on the blog, and I'm taking you through the house room by room starting today with the dining room.  Scroll down for the in-depth reveal and to see all my sources so you can get the look too!

The dining room is one of the spaces where I definitely took a more playful approach to decorating.  We started off by painting the entire house a nice bright white, using Benjamin Moore's Super White paint.  I'm a big fan of a neutral framework when decorating and like to keep things like wall color and bigger statement furniture (like sofas) in neutrals so that I can bring in color with accents.  It's a great approach if you change your mind a lot (I'm always rearranging!) or like color (you're likely to buy decor in colors, so make sure you have a versatile base that will work with the color you want to introduce in the room).  

I think the dining room might have been one of the most challenging rooms to decorate because it's full of architectural details.  With double corner windows, an octagonal stained glass window, an arched doorway, and two built in corner shelving units, this room took a ton of strategy and planning to decorate.  

Let's start with the gallery wall.  The house doesn't have much wall real estate, and one of the biggest walls is in the dining room, so I knew that was where our gallery wall would go.  I toyed with the idea of leaning art on picture ledges, but the stained glass window posed an obstacle.  In the end I decided to treat the stained glass window as a piece of art, and just hung the gallery wall around it.  When creating a gallery wall, its important to incorporate different mediums like prints, paintings, photography, sculptural objects, etc. for a well rounded collection.  When it comes to hanging, I like to lay out art on the floor first until I find an arrangement that I like.  As far as framing goes, try to either go for all the same color frames or keep it consistent and weave in two or three different finishes that complement each other, like white and wood.  That little rattan owl I found at a thrift store in Mississippi for $7 - I love those unique (and cheap!) finds that really give a space personality.

Here's the view from our kitchen.  I chose furniture with clean, modern lines, like the teak wood table with a mid century design.  With white industrial metal chairs, I layered in lots of texture to contrast with the modern furniture from the ground up, starting with a durable sisal rug.  I added sheepskin rugs to warm up the metal chairs, and added an indigo textile I found at the flea market as a runner for a little color and pattern.  The woven pendant light is the finishing touch of texture that brings in a ton of warmth and makes a statement while grounding the room by complementing the neutral furniture.

While we have a bar cabinet in the living room to store our wine collection and specialty booze, we wanted to incorporate a bar into the dining room for everyday cocktail mixing.  We used this white tray table we already owned with a simple and airy design that's also easy to move around if we have guests over to entertain.  We also switched out the cabinet hardware with some brass and leather pulls and knobs.  Changing up your cabinet hardware is one of the easiest things to do (especially in a kitchen) that can have a big impact.

These shelves were by far the most difficult things to style!  Because they're in the corner as built ins, it means the shelves are triangular (and have different heights).  Typically when styling a shelf I like to start by stacking books vertically and horizontally peppered evenly throughout the shelving, and leaning artwork to add depth.  Here, neither tactic works since the shelving is a triangle.  Instead, I chose to stack books and objects on top of and on either side of the books.  Then I used a large scale piece (the basket) that would take up most of the space in one of the shelves to top it off.

Well, thats the whole dining room!  If you love the boho beach dining room, I've rounded up almost all of the pieces so you can get the look too.  And don't forget to check out my home tour for a peek of whats coming next!

01. Pendant light // 02. Pink swimsuit print // 03. Grapefruit print // 04. Abstract mask print // 05. Sand dunes print // 06. Building print // 07. LA gold map // 08. Flowers print // 09. Macrame double plant holder // 10. Chairs // 11. Dining table (similar) // 12. Rug // 13. Indigo mudcloth (similar) // 14. Seat cushion (similar) // 15. Throws // 16. Leather drawer pulls // 17. Bar tray table (similar) // 18. Brass knobs // 19. White serve bowl // 20. Gold bowl // 21. Pink mugs // 22. White ceramic vases // 23. Small white vase // 24. Marble fruit bowl // 25. White sculptural vase

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