Holiday Gift Guide for Men 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Somehow the holidays seem to sneak up on me and then before you know it, they're gone.  I'm sure most of you are procrastinating shopping for the man in your life, because men are picky about gifts and have to have something useful in order to truly appreciate it.  Myself?  I'd be happy with a tiny basket that is too small to fit anything in it but just so cute you want to look at it on your shelves all day long.  But men are different.  They want things they can use every day and really need, but usually they buy those things immediately.  The trick is to figure out something that they don't even know they need!  Check out my holiday gift ideas for men at affordable prices for everyone.  And if you're looking for something for the lady in your life, head over to the holiday gift guide for women.  If you're looking for even more ideas, check out my pinterest board.

Under $25:

01. Big red beard comb: The beard needs grooming too, and I bet it's better with this classy wood comb.

02. Campfire coffee: Who doesn't love caffeine?  With a unique smoky flavor, this organic coffee is an exciting departure from the norm.  If he's a foodie, check out The Fare Trade's curated chef's boxes for a step up.

03. Portland General Store whiskey after-shave: This scent smells like whiskey without the hangover.

04. Brew coffee book: Who doesn't want to learn all about the best ways to make the most life sustaining sustenance in the world?

05. Cord taco: Keep those cords of his super organized with these felt cord tacos.

06. J.Crew socks: Everyone always needs new stocks.  Stuff them in that stocking!

07. CB2 cement pencil cup: Durable and modern, this is not your average pencil cup.

08. Carry on cocktail kit: Perfect for someone who travels often, he can always enjoy a great cocktail with this handy kit.

09. Waxed lunch bag: Bringing your lunch to work doesn't have to be a drab affair with this sleek lunch bag.

10. Charcoal toothbrush: This toothbrush looks amazing and has charcoal bristles that help fight bacteria between brushes.

11. Kiriko notebook: For all those random thoughts or the occasional doodle, sometimes analog can be extra useful.

12. Whiskey wedge: Keep whiskey cold without diluting by freezing the ice in the glass.

13. Upstate key tag: We can all pretend we're adulting hard and have more than one property to call home.

14. J.Crew bandana: Bandanas are back.  And if he doesn't want to wear this around his neck, I'm sure he can find another way to use it.

15. Harry's copper razor: One of the best looking razors I've seen for the price!

16. Imperial Barber aftershave: This aftershave moisturizer combo will be sure to soothe freshly shaved skin.

17. Kikkerland extension cord: Men always love useful things, and this extension cord is extra useful and good-looking too!

Under $50:

01. Buck Mason slub tee: I'm a huge fan of this brand; they make soft tees in the most beautiful hues at a fair price.

02. Kiriko pocket square: This pocket square is made from vintage kimono fabric and is the perfect thing to jazz up that suit and tie.

03. Mazama mug: In the look and feel of a vintage camp mug, these ceramic mugs are nostalgic and beautiful.

04. Craighill brass keychain: I love this small and compact keychain.  Major bonus not to have to use a key ring and break a nail!  Because you know guys worry about that.

05. Soma water pitcher: Did you hear?  You don't have to use Brita filters anymore!  Opt instead for these beauties and stop drinking water out of ugly pitchers.

06. The Monocle Guide to Better Living: From the famed Monocle magazine, this book is all about how to live well.

07. Billykirk headphone pouch: Men like to keep things organized and sometimes that means a leather pouch for headphones.

08. Frasier fir candle: Anyone would enjoy this amazing pine scent, especially around the holidays.

09. Brass business card holder: Because you know he's a classy broad.

10. Stitched leather coasters: He can never have too much leather, and these stitched coasters are manly and stylish.

11. Tanner Goods sailor cap: In some parts of the world, unlike Los Angeles, it actually gets cold.  But he won't with this hat.  At least not his head.

12. Swell water bottle: I love these water bottles, especially because they keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12!

13. Sokata mixing glass: So it might be the opposite of the Bond cocktail, but some drinks are meant to be stirred in beautiful mixing glasses.

14. Copper mugs: An essential for making the perfect moscow mule at home.

15. Pendleton bath towel: I'm not sure when patterned towels stopped being just for the beach, but I really support the diversification and love the iconic Pendleton patterns.

16. M&U Co. brass money clip: I feel like most people don't really know what paper money is anymore, but there are bound to be some guys out there that still carry it.

17. Billykirk valet tray: For work or home, he needs an organized place to keep his keys, wallet, and phone.  That place should also be leather.

Under $100:

01. Wool house shoes: These are the coolest slippers I've ever seen.  He just needs them.

02. J.Crew harwick duffle bag: A good looking duffle with unique details like leather handles for a great price.

03. In.Sek shave bowl: This concrete and wood shave bowl is modern and beautiful.

04. Tanner Goods classic belt: This company makes exceptional leather goods that will last a lifetime.
05. Japanese chef knife: A well made chef's knife will definitely have him stepping up his game in the kitchen.  More home cooked meals for you!

06. French terry sweatshirt: You always need more casual clothes that are acceptable to leave the house in.

07. Grown Alchemist skin care kit: Treat him (and his skin) to some high quality, organic skin care products.

08. Timex weekender watch: Seriously the best looking watch for such a reasonable price.

09. Warby Parker sunglasses: Chances are he's got black or tortoise sunnies.  Mix things up by gifting him a pair in a unique blue hue.

10. Whiskey jug: A manly decanter for whiskey or beer.

11. Apolis market bag: This reusable tote is spacious and sturdy with leather handles and a waterproof interior in case of any spills.

12. Walnut iPhone dock: Ditch the messy cords and clean up your nightstand with this walnut phone dock.

13. Bluetooth speaker: A good looking speaker that's portable with a leather handle.

14. Waltzing Matilda wallet: Guys can always use a new wallet, and this one is made from repurposed leather and comes with a lifetime repair warranty.

15. Bison mittens: For those of you with actual weather, treat him to some well made mittens.

16. Filson plaid scarf: This everyday scarf in a festive plaid is just the thing to keep him toasty warm.

17. Coyuchi waffle robe: This is one of those things a guy wouldn't buy for himself, but would appreciate and use if he owned it.


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