Holiday Gift Guide for Women 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

For the procrastinators out there, here's a last minute gift guide for the ladies in your life, all under $100.  Make sure to check out the holiday gift guide for men if you missed it!  If you're looking for even more gifts, check out my pinterest board.

Under $25:

01. Marble journal: Because marble everything is always a win.

02. Penthouse keychain:  Everyone wishes they had one.

03. Cactus pin: For the classy flairist, this pin is just the thing.

04. Llama socks: Cute and wintery, everyone always needs new socks.

05. Rose face mist: This face mist is hydrating and refreshing, perfect when she needs a little pick-me-up.

06. Chrissy Teigen Cravings cook book: You won't be working on new years resolutions with this cookbook, but the recipes are savory and delicious, just like Chrissy's prose.

07. Circle 21 english pine candle: Just in case that christmas tree isn't as fragrant as you'd like. 

08. Rosebud salve: Inexpensive and versatile, this color will work on any skin tone.

09. Hair comb: Who can resist confetti?

10. Passport holder: Having a holder on my passport always makes me feel less likely to misplace it.

11. Hand cream: Always a necessity.

12. Card holder: Hold cards, cash money, and those coin things no one uses anymore.

13. Cat eye mask: An eye mask will seriously change your weekend sleeping and this fun cat shape is the cutest.

14. Marble coasters: Yup, marble anything is a win.

15. Leather glasses case: Protect the shades in a chic and shiny case.

16. Gold hair clip: Hair clips are totally back and brass will totally elevate that pony.

17. boss mug: Because you know she's boss.  Like the 90's.

18. Milk lip salve: This stuff is great not just for lips but cuticles too.

19. Grey hat: I have this hat and get a gajillion compliments on it every time I wear it, and everyone loses their mind when I tell them it's from Target and is basically free.

20. Gold list pad: She'll stay on track with this shiny notepad.

Under $50:

01. Floral gym bag: I can't believe the price of this cute gym bag!  It can totally double for a weekender also in case those new years resolutions don't pan out.

02. Bandana: I love this cute and modern pattern, throw it around your neck or tie it to a bag to add a little spunk.

03. Brass bottle opener: Hands down the prettiest bottle opener I've ever seen.

04. Woven necklace: Unique and funky, this fringe necklace is a great accessory to accent any outfit.

05. Copper alarm clock: Have you ever considered how you would wake up if you didn't have your phone?  Sometimes old school can be useful and it'll look pretty on the nightstand too.

06. Everlane card wallet: This small wallet is perfect for a night out when you only need a few things.

07. Linen sachets: Keep those drawers and closets smelling fresh.

08. Brass easel calendar: I really love this idea for a gift, it's so personal and you can choose images to use for each month.

09. Retro marble camera: Kind of ridiculous, but I love the idea of this on a book shelf!

10. Telephone compact mirror: For touch ups on the go.

11. Catbird ring: Even if you aren't a cat person (proud husky owner) this cute ring will be sure to be an everyday staple.

12. Bkr water bottle: Pink + spikes = yes.

13. Marble and gold bar tool set: Ok listen up here.  If there is ever any sort of combo of 'marble' and 'gold' in one product, you basically have an automatic win.

14. Recipe Box: She won't mind having this sit out on the counter and her recipes will never go missing!

Under $100:

01. Tassel earrings: Super unique yet trendy too.

02. Timex fairfield watch: This beauty is so affordable for leather and rose gold, it's a no brainer!

03. Cuyana cardholder:  A little shimmer might make her feel better about spending dough.

04. Alternative Apparel sweatpants: These are some of the softest, most comfortable sweatpants out there.  Perfect for cozying up on weekends.

05. Tiro Tiro ring: This ring will make a statement in a subtle, chic way.

06. Baggu weekender: Spacious in a cute striped pattern.

07. Flip top mittens: The ultimate if you want to stay warm but also be able to text.

08. Happy plugs speaker: This marbled speaker will look great on a shelf.

09. Buffalo check poncho: Stay warm and hide the holiday cookies in this cute buffalo check poncho.

10. Spike ear climbers: Just the thing to jazz up your ears.

11. Herschel backpack: Let's face it.  If you're over, say, 27, and you're still carrying your laptop and everything in a tote it's time to be realistic about your old body and be responsible about distributing that weight evenly on your back.  In a classy way, with tortoise shell straps.

12. Pour-over coffee set: When you just need one cup.

13. Chunky beanie: This hat is so cute, there's no way she won't love it.

14. Cinema Box light up sign: A cute piece of decor for the home or office.

15. Armor Lux wool slippers: Chic slippers that I wouldn't be above leaving the house in.


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