Athena Caldrone's Hamptons Home

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I've long been a fan of Athena Caldrone and her lifestyle blog, Eye Swoon.  She has impeccable taste and has created the most lovely airy and bright home in the Hamptons.  Using beautiful, natural materials like reclaimed wood and rope (is that ceiling not incredible?) makes the space so calm and inviting.  The full tour is available on Jenni Kayne's blog, Rip & Tan, photographed by the very talented Sarah Elliott.  Scroll for more of Athena's gorgeous home, and be sure to check out these other design posts.

Photography by Sarah Elliott.

The February Edit

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The older I get, the more I think about forgoing trends and investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time.  Do you ever think about that when shopping?  More and more I'm asking myself, will I still love this in 10 years?  Is this piece well made and will it last through 10 years of wears? This month I'm all about quality pieces that will last.  If you like this post, you might also like other fashion posts check here, or my fashion pinterest board.  Shop the look below!

01. Bryr Studio felt clogs: I absolutely love this brand and their clogs.  I have one pair that I wear constantly and can't recommend them more!  This combo of leather and felt is so unique, and will go with everything.

02. Madewell market popover shirt: A graphic popover is really versatile and will look great as a loose and flowy top or half tucked into your jeans.

03. Chasing Slow: I've heard only the best things about Erin Loechner's new book,about slowing down to find unexpected happiness.  I can't wait to read it!

04. Levi's wedgie icon jeans: Ok, the '90's are back in a major way, and I'm getting on board.  I'm super into the mom jean look and these Levi's are the best high rise denim out there.

05. Wonderland montclair sunglasses: These nude color sunnies are the perfect accent for any outfit.  I love the shape and the subtle color of the frames.

06. Away bigger carry-on: I've been needing a good set of luggage for a long time and Away has some really great features like a compartment for your shoes, a lock, and a USB plug to charge your electronics.  No more fighting over that one outlet at the airport!

07. Yield french press: These are some of the prettiest french presses I've seen pretty much ever.  I love the shape and the rose gold handle.  It makes me want to chuck my Bodem in the trash and never look back.

08. Madewell modernism earrings: I just recently got these earrings and I have to say, they are MAKING my outfits as of late.  Modern, statement, and with a 70's just can't go wrong here.

09. Current/Elliott kimono: I think I gasped audibly when I saw this kimono.  The stitching is incredible and I love that it's quilted.  I want to live in this and never take it off.

10. Lo & Sons catalina weekender: I've had one of these weekenders for a couple years now and I love it.  They've made a newer version with some upgrades like a shoulder strap and a padded insert for the bottom pouch.  I always use this bag for weekend getaways and also when flying as my 'personal item' or extra large purse - it comes in handy if you do a little too much shopping on your trip!

11. Kristin Ess cleanse & condition: Kristin Ess is basically the reason that I chopped off my hair (#cleartheshoulders anyone?) - she has amazing hair tutorials on The Beauty Deptartment.  I was stoked to find out she started a hair care line for Target and can't wait to try it.

12. Wolf Circus zane ring: Lately I've been wanting to diversify my ring game, and I love this subtle statement ring with subdued accent colors.

13. Gourmand candle: It's getting hard to find good smelling candles at an affordable price, and this one definitely won't break the bank.

Iceland Part 1: Reykjavik

Sunday, February 12, 2017

In the summer of 2016, we travelled to Iceland for an epic road trip around the entire country along the Ring Road.  We flew Wow Air from LAX to KEF and it was a relatively easy non-stop flight.  WOW air is a newer airline and has really inexpensive flights to Iceland from the east and west coasts.  It's a bit of a different experience than other airlines, basically you just want to make sure that you buy your checked luggage up front when you book otherwise it winds up being pricey.  Also, load up your laptop with movies because there is no in flight entertainment.

We started in Reykjavik and stayed two nights there.  We stayed in an airbnb in 101 Reykjavik and got some really great recommendations from our host.  The location was about a 10 minute walk to downtown which was perfect.  I loved the minimal design of the flat.

Our first stop was the Vesturbæjarlaug public swimming pool.  Iceland has this great culture that really embraces lots of soaking in hot bodies of water and I have to say I was very on board.  By the way, most swimming pools require you to bathe naked before swimming.  After a long flight, a soak in a hot tub was the perfect way to ease into our trip.

Also in the area was a wonderful cafe - Kaffihús Vesturbæjar that we visited a few times.  Reykjavik Roasters also makes a great cup of coffee, and the hot dogs in Iceland are a thing so we made sure to snag one at Bæjarins Beztu.  I was dying to go to Dill for dinner but we couldn't get a reservation in time, but thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Kex Hostel.  With 23 hours of daylight, it felt like we could explore the city forever.

Some of my favorite shops we visited were Farmer's Market and Geysir.  They do sell some of the Farmer's Market brand at Geysir so if you're short on time just hit Geysir.  I couldn't resit a couple of amazing Icelandic wool sweaters that I'll have for the rest of my life.  Wandering around, we found a couple of bars (cafe's by day) that we really enjoyed as well: Kafibrennslan and Kaldi Bar.

To get out of the city, we went snorkeling in the Silfra fissure.  This area is where the North American and Eurasian continental plates are splitting, with some of the clearest and most pure glacial water on earth.  Our guide told us to taste some, and while I sputtered a little at the cold temperature, I have to say it was delicious!  The water was around 40 degrees and totally freezing (we wore dry suits).  With visibility of 100 meters, the snorkeling experience was truly wonderful once in the water.  Underwater was otherworldly, with great large red rocks, electric green algae they call 'troll's hair', and the brightest color contrasts.

After our dip in the fissure, we went horseback riding.  Icelandic horses have an extra gait, which as an avid equestrian I had to experience.  This particular tour was a bit slow going with a large group, not the best for experienced riders but fun nonetheless.  We rode through beautiful fields of purple lupin flowers to a look out point over Salmon River.

Next up is our trip through Southern Iceland, the Eastfjords, and Northeast Iceland.
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