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Thursday, June 8, 2017

I'm so excited to share my latest home tour with you on Apartment Therapy today!  Our home was shot by the amazing Marisa Vitale,  and you can read the full post on Apartment Therapy.  We moved into our little bungalow in Santa Monica a little over two years ago, and couldn't be happier.  The house is from the 1930's and has some great architectural details.  Living in Santa Monica is amazing; we live very close to the beach and there are a ton of great restaurants and shops in the area.  It's been a while since I've shared photos of the house (you might have seen some snaps on Instagram), and quite a bit has changed since my last home tour.  In the past year I've focused on elevating the style of the house, refining my boho flair a bit more, and bringing in some neutral colors to add balance.  Scroll down for my home tour and sources for most items in the house.

When designing the space, I really wanted to keep things light and bright, so I had the whole house painted Benjamin Moore's Super White.  I like to experiment a little with color, so having a blank canvas that wouldn't compete with any other accents was essential for me.  I did my best to take my time decorating and not be tempted to buy everything all at once.  Instead, I prefer to slowly collect pieces that I truly love.  That coffee table is definitely one of my favorite pieces, and I found it on Craigslist for about $75.  One of my favorite things about it is that it splits in two and can be used as end tables.

These shelves are one of my favorite things about the bungalow.  They've got great deco lines and details and are the perfect thing when you love to style every surface.

This print from Framebridge is near and dear to my heart - it's a photo I took when we were in Iceland and had printed and framed.  Framebridge did such an amazing job I want to print more vacation photos, but I'm running out of wall space!  Having a reminder of your travels is such a special thing to have in your home.  

Those giant floor pillows are from The Wolf Nest and are some of my favorite things in the house! 

It's my firm belief that no room is complete without some vintage pieces to give it soul and integrity.  The right pieces can make all the difference and take your space from catalog and staged to  a thoughtfully curated and unique home.  In the living room, the coffee table, magazine rack, brass bowls, wood armoire, accent chairs (both the bamboo and wood chairs) and leather stool are all vintage or antique pieces that really give the room life and a sense of authenticity.  

The hat wall by the entry was born out of necessity and function - we had them stacked in a closet and would forget about them most of the time.  I decided to hang them on the wall as art right near the door, and now it's super easy to grab one on the way out, and looks great in the space.

Off the living room is a beautiful archway to the dining room.  Having a formal dining room has been so wonderful.  This is my first house I'm living in and it's been great for sit down dinners, although, admittedly we do eat a fair amount in front of the tv like most good Americans!  There isn't a ton of free wall space in the entire house, so I knew if we were going to do a gallery wall it would be in here.  With corner windows, and an octagonal stained glass window on the biggest wall, I just worked around the architectural details and treated them like a piece of art to make it flow.   

That Ikea pendant light is one of the best lighting pieces they have - it makes a huge impact and is so affordable!  And of course, no room would be complete without at least one plant.

On my list of upgrades is an actual bar cart, but for now this simple white tray table does the trick.  We have a vast liquor collection, and I want a piece with a lower shelf for things like seltzer and an ice bucket with more functional storage.  The booze on the bar itself is only a portion of the liquor we have, the rest of it along with wine is stored in the antique armoire in the living room.  

On to the kitchen, which has basically never seen the light of social media before.  One of the things that I love most about the house is it's age, but the place it's been hardest to work with is in the kitchen.  I love the tiled floors, and don't at all mind butcher block counter tops, but the scroll work on the cabinets and the backsplash tile are a big eye sore to me.  As you can see, I do everything in my power not to look at the god awful yellow and maroon tile by covering it up with lots of cutting boards and cook books.  

While I can't stand our backsplash, one of my favorite things about the kitchen is the gorgeous vintage stove.  I'm an avid cook and being able to cook on a vintage wedgewood is a total dream.  The stove is amazing and has a built in shelf, salt and pepper shakers, and clock!  New stoves are seriously lacking salt and pepper shakers if you ask me ;)

And here's our bedroom.  That bed is one of my favorite pieces we have in the house.  It's a HUGE statement piece, so I kept the rest of the room pretty simple, with fresh white bedding, a tiny pop of color with the throw blanket, and simple styling with the nightstands and shelf.  I found those nightstands at the flea market for cheap and saved them from a life of shabby chic by painting them a crisp bright white.  Unless you have a huge nightstand thats more like a mini dresser, I prefer sconce lighting to make your nightstand more functional and give you more space for water, flowers, and books.

The bedroom is pretty small, and there's really only room for a dresser and that's about it.  I scored this one at the flea market years ago for $100 towards the end of the day.  Major steal.  I love those leaf prints as well, its a pop of color without being too busy and complements the boho bed.

I kept this shelf nice and simple using just books, art, a plant and some small decorative accessories.  This shelf actually has some of my favorite things: the plant for one is a hoya which I've coveted for a very long time and now finally have one.  The art on the middle shelf is a greeting card I stuck in a frame - it is super serene and makes me really happy.  Framing greeting cards is one of the cheapest ways to add art to your space.  The ceramic bowl is another of my favorites; I have a major thing for them and this imperfect one with its cool hues makes me so happy.  The bottom framed piece is a post card of a church I picked up in Iceland and reminds me of our trip every day.  The books are mostly classics, and those miniature baskets my grandmother gave to me after I found them in a cabinet and lost my mine about them.  Styling and decorating pieces can pack so much of a punch if you choose your pieces wisely and fill your home with meaningful beautiful things.

Our second bedroom we've turned into a tv room/office.  The room is quite small, so I went with a small scale sofa.  It's super comfy, but not the greatest for lying down tv watching, but we make due!  When we have guest staying for an extended period of time, we switch out this sofa with our living room futon sofa (which is kind of a pain) so guests can have their own room.  The color palette for this room is mostly black, white, and brown, with pops of yellow and brass.  That amazing floor pillow is from The Wolf Nest and is technically a dog bed!  

This yellow campaign desks might be one of my favorite vintage finds ever.  It's in perfect condition and lets you get a glimpse of my personality through my decor.  When we first moved in we were struggling to find a place for it, and ALMOST sold it, but thank god we didn't!  It's a bit of a tight squeeze in this room but she found her forever home.

I can't say I enjoy showing you my tv but every house has one.  I decided against having it in the living room and instead keeping it in the guest room so it's less of an eye sore.  Trust me, tv's are every designers worst nightmare.  I am so excited that Samsung is finally coming out with a tv that looks like artwork - I will definitely be snatching one of these up!  

Behind those curtains is a french door that leads out to our little yard.  It's quite small but has two beautiful bougainvillea bushes, and two lemon trees - one regular and one meyer!  Since we live in California and the weather is basically 70 and sunny year round, I really wanted to make this outdoor space an extension of our house and create a little outdoor living room.   When the nights warm up we have a little folding dining table we set up and eat outside with our string lights on.  

Well then, there you have it!  My house as of late.  Let me know what you think, and here are the sources:

Living Room:

Denim Plaid Woven Cotton Rug – Dash & Albert

Iceland Print – photo by me in Irvine frame by Framebridge – In 2016 we took a 2 week road trip around Iceland and had such a wonderful time.  This shot I took of Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is still one of my all-time favorites from the trip.  Everytime I look at it I’m reminded of our trip and it makes me smile!

Magnet Linen Pillow – Block Shop Textiles

Pleated Pillow Cover – West Elm

Rattan Coffee Table – Vintage found on Craigslist

Mid-Century Leather Show Wood Chair – West Elm

Cast Metal Steer Head Skull - Target

Plants and most pots – Venice Plants

Oliver Sleeper Sofa – Urban Outfitters

Siena Media Cabinet – Organic Modernism

Mudcloth floor pillows – The Wolf Nest

Beach Print - Similar

Navy Throw Blanket - Similar

Grey Sheepskin – From Iceland, similar

Vintage Rattan Chair – Venice Vintage Paradise – These chairs are hands down some of my favorite pieces we own – I move them from room to room and am always happy with the result.  We found them at one of my absolute favorite vintage spots – if you visit tell them Bohobeachbungalow sent you!

Ceramic Small Neck Vase – West Elm

Stone Match Striker – Love Adorned

Mid Century Taper Candle Holders – Target (similar)

Big Horn Sheep Bookends – Target

Taper Candle Holder, Gold small – Target

Taper Candle Holder, Gold large - Target

Brass Ring Standing Vase - Roost

Antique Chair – thrifted in Santa Barbara at The Blue Door

Vintage Gold Magazine Rack - thrifted in Santa Barbara at The Blue Door

Retro Marble Camera – West Elm

Wood Block + Print – Artifact Uprising – One of my best friends gave me these prints and wood block for my birthday, and they are so special to me.  I swap out the images all the time and love this little keepsake to remind me of all my travels.

Brass Bowl – Vintage

Light Black Polka Dot Pot – Group Partner

Kastor Vase – CB2

Gold Tray – Target, Similar

Dining Room:

Sinngerlig Pendant lamp – Ikea

Woman in a Boat print – Artfully Walls

Grapefruit print – Etsy by Elizabeth Mayville (similar print)

Mohala Tiki print – Kiana Mosley on Artfully Walls

Sleeping Bear Point Trail print – Artfully Walls

Look Down print - Minted

Los Angeles Map print – Minted

Bouquet 3 print - Etsy

Macrame Double Plant Holder – CB2

White Tabouret Stacking Chairs - Overstock

Teak Wood Dining Table – Fab – similar at West Elm

Lohals rug - Ikea

Fishnet Woven Runner – West Elm

Turquoise Ceramic Bowl – Eric Bonnin

Seat cushions – H&M, similar

Rens sheepskin throws - Ikea

Natural Leather Cabinet Handles – Etsy

Streamline Knob - Anthropologie

French Kitchen Marble Fruit Bowl – Crate and Barrel

Tray Table Bar – West Elm - similar

Mid Century Ceramics – Vintage, thrifted in Palm Springs

Vintage Wood Bowl – Venice Vintage Paradise

Brass glasses – Vintage

White Iron Wine Rack – Vintage

W&P Pineapple Shot Glasses – Sur La Table

Serving Tray, Gold - Target


Vintage wood bottle holder – Venice Vintage Paradise

Hario V60 Buono Kettle – Sur la Table

Chemex 8-Cup Coffee Maker – Crate & Barrel

French Press Wood Large - Hario

Rug – Vintage, thrifted


Washi Paper Pendant Lamp Shade – Diamond – Hayashi Kougei – Nalata Nalata

Curved Rattan Bed - Anthropologie

Swing Arm Brass Wall Sconce – CB2

Mirror Top Light Bulb – Urban Outfitters

Campaign Nightstand – Vintage, Similar

Dresser – vintage, similar – I found this at the Santa Monica flea market years ago at the very end of the day – the guy gave it to me for $100!

Linen Venice Set - Parachute

Navy Imperfect Plus Pillow Sham – Schoolhouse Electric

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover – Pebble – West Elm

Church Drawing – I found this little hand drawn post card in Reykjavik, Iceland.  If you’ve ever been to Iceland you’ll know that most churches resemble this little drawing and it’s a great reminder of our trip!

Llama Bookend - Target

Plant Series Monstera Deliciosa – By-Garmi

Cocos Nucifera – By-Garmi

Indigo Mudcloth Textile – Thrifted at the flea market, Similar

Flower Print – Elizabeth Mayville Etsy

Miniature baskets -  Vintage – My grandparents live in Mississippi, and my grandmother is an antique/vintage junkie and has a booth at the local antique market.  The last time I visited she gave me these tiny baskets and I fell in love with them.  They’re small, but definitely one of my favorite things I own!

Guest Room:

Artisan Woven Rug - Joinery

Washi Paper Pendant Lamp Shade – Diamond – Hayashi Kougei – Nalata Nalata

Mudcloth Floor Pillow – The Wolf Nest

Yellow campaign desk – vintage, thrifted from Wertz Brothers

Metal Framed Round Wall Mirror – West Elm

Piazza Apartment Sofa in lindy snow – CB2

Live Edge Accent Table Brown – Threshold Target

Mudcloth Pillow – Mae Woven (similar)

Vintage Gold Trunk – thrifted in Palm Springs

Tiki Arc Spheres Floor Lamp – World Market

Decorative Tray Black – Threshold – Target

Peter Dunham Circles – Natural Curiosities

Morten Lamp – West Elm

Magnet Linen Pillow – Block Shop Textiles

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover – Pebble – West Elm

Black Sheepskin – Iceland, Similar

Rope Knot Doorstop – Ilan Dei, Similar

Linework Vase – West Elm

Vintage Rattan Chair – Venice Vintage Paradise


White Wire Larkin Molded Armchairs Set of 2 – World Market

Rattan Sofa – Vintage found on Craigslist

Round Outdoor Rug – Target

Box Frame Coffee Table, Raw Mango – West Elm

Mixte 3 Bike - Linus

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