Iceland Part 3: Eastfjords

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today I'm sharing the third leg of our road trip around Iceland.  At this point, you're probably tired of hearing just how pretty all the drives through Iceland were, but I have to say, the Eastfjords were pretty spectacular.  This leg of our journey from Hofn to Egilsstaoir was pretty slow going, just because of the nature of the fjordlands; the road weaves in and out of the terrain, so you just wind in and out of the land along the coastline.  If you're planning a trip to Iceland, you can read more about the first two legs of our road trip in Reykjavik and the South Coast, and the fourth leg in the Northeast.

We stopped in Stöðvarfjörður and saw a strange little rock museum called Petra's Stone Collection.  It was totally quirky and weird, but fun to see so many gems!  We also found a small handicraft place where I snagged some amazing hand-woven wool slipper socks, and then continued on to Egilsstaoir.  Right in the town center we found a great spot where we got a very good deal on two Icelandic sheepskins.  I would definitely recommend this spot if you're in the market, they were great quality and the most inexpensive we'd seen (around $70 USD).

There isn't a ton going on in the eastfjords, so we spent most of our time in Seyðisfjörður.  The drive alone was so stunning!  We drove through some sort of glacial dam, at such a high elevation that there was snow, and then came back down the mountain to find the most picturesque little town surrounded by waterfalls, fields of purple lupins, sheep, and horses.  It felt like something out of a storybook!  I actually started counting the waterfalls and quit at 20.  This little town is beyond picturesque.

We walked around the town and stopped into El Grillo for some local beer.  You have to try the El Grillo brew, which has a rather remarkable back story involving a sunken ship and a secret brew recipe.  Be sure to ask the bartender about the history of the beer, and the backstory on Lara.  This place also looked like a great spot for some homey food.  After beers, we had dinner at Norð Austur which serves Icelandic sushi!  It's on the upper floor of the Hotel Aldan (we desperately wanted to stay here but there was no availability).  The food was phenomenal; they had some really stand out dishes like wings and tempura asparagus with a sous vide egg that was outstanding.  The sushi itself was so delicious, with lots of local arctic char.  After dinner we walked around the small harbor.  Most of these photos were taken around 10pm!

After dinner we drove back under the midnight sun to our little Airbnb cabin.  Our time in Seyðisfjörður was so special and a big highlight of our trip.

The next leg of our journey takes us to North East Iceland.

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  1. You have described your entire traveling experience so well, I almost feel like I was there. The pictures look absolutely breathtaking however I'm sure do no justice to the actual thing. Looking forward to more posts from your travels!


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