Leanne Ford's LA Bungalow

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Leanne Ford's beautiful Echo Park bungalow was featured on NY Times and I just about lost it when I saw her home.  The space has some incredible design details and it's been decorated impeccably with a healthy dose of vintage furnishings adding to the charm and overall aesthetic of the house.  She chose to paint the entire interior Sherwin-William's Shoji White, which is a beautiful warm off white that over time has started to fade and hint at the wood underneath.  The house has so much character, from the stone fireplace, to the lofted beam ceilings, in addition to well chosen accents like the stone floors Ford added.  I think the bedroom and the study are my favorite rooms, how about yours?  All photos by Tessa Neustadt for NY Times

Leanne Ford's kitchen and dining room


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