Melanie Burstin's Organic Minimal Home

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Today I'm super excited to share the gorgeous home of an incredibly talented designer and good friend of mine, Mel Burstin.  Mel and I got chatty on Instagram last year and met IRL at a Humble Ceramics sample sale while I had a crazed look in my eye and was crouching over a crate of ceramics.  I guess if she wasn't deterred by that crazy look in my eye it was meant to be! 

Mel is living on her own for the first time which has allowed her to design a truly incredible space with zero compromises.  Her style is minimal and organic and so so beautiful.  She has a knack for combining an array of beautiful wood tones seamlessly throughout her home which contrast so well against her gorgeous minimal plants.  Her bright and minimal space has me day dreaming of a house with no clutter where every single object I own is the most beautiful version of the piece that exists.  Her home was photographed by the epically talented Tessa Neustadt and was first featured on Emily Henderson's blog.

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